Institutional-grade decentralized exchange on Concordium blockchain

Earn, swap, and leverage on the most innovative platform built on the most regulatory-ready blockchain. Always yield the best returns.

Mainnet Stats

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A trusted protocol

Full Ownership

Unlike centralized exchanges, you always have full control over your assets. The underlying smart contracts ensure that you don’t hand over your assets to a third party.


Allows the use of multi-signature wallets to provide additional security for the institution’s assets on the DEX.

Trading Reinvented

Deploy liquidity in several different formats at the same time. Smart contracts determine the best value trade for the end users.

Easy to Use

Orderbooks, charting, and trade reports, the goal of our implementation is to make the transition to using DEX from CEX as user-friendly as possible.

Regulatory Ready

Concordex is regulatory-ready because it adheres to the principles of the underlying protocol – Concordium. Being full-compliant since genesis gives our DEX longevity without struggling in the regulatory gray zone.


The governance structure will eventually transition from the current centralized model to a fully functioning DAO.

Building on the most institution-ready blockchain in the world

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